In an increasingly globalized world, an inherent contradiction is emerging: On the one hand post-industrial technologies are squeezing the world onto the proverbial palm and everything is just a click away from our index finger; on the other hand, the world is expanding in terms of specializations and the production of expert knowledge about everything in minute details. Therefore, studying the interrelationship between various social, cultural and linguistic phenomenon, both in historical and contemporary contexts, is highly desirable. Such efforts in the fields of speculative anthropology and intercultural pragmatics are likely to emphasis the oneness and homogeneity and cross-culturality of human existences and intelligences. The Polyglot is an international, bi-annual, double-blind peer-reviewed, and open-access journal published in both online and print versions by National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan. It publishes research articles in the fields of Arts and Humanities. It encourages latest research and developments in the fields of Languages, Didactics of languages, Linguistics, Literature, Translation studies, Didactics of Translation, Interpreting, and Cultural Studies. The Polyglot only accepts original and unpublished articles in the following Oriental languages (Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian & Turkish), Occidental languages (English, French, German & Spanish) and Pakistani languages (Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi & Balochi). The journal invites scholars and researchers from around the world to submit their research within the domain of the Journal.