Vision and Scope


The Polyglot aims to offer a platform to dedicated researchers, intellectuals, scholars, teachers and students of languages, in universities of Pakistan and abroad, to share their scientific research in the fields of languages and dialects, didactics of languages, literature, translation studies and cultural studies. The journal aims to provide a scientific research environment and enhance research opportunities for those who not only possess excellent foreign and regional language skills but also are well versed in the understanding of cultures and civilizations of different parts of the world.


The Polyglot is a biannual multilingual interdisciplinary research journal focusing on Languages, Cultures and Translation. It covers various branches of knowledge such as:
Comparative Grammar | Comparative Semantics | Comparative Cultural studies | Intercultural Pragmatics | Computational Linguistics | Contrastive Linguistics | Comparative linguistics | Didactics | Endangered Languages | Language Revival | Literary Criticism | Translation & Interpretation | Historical Linguistics | Corpus Linguistics | Educational Linguistics | Psycholinguistics | Neurolinguistics | Orthography | Stylistics | Linguistic typology.